is binary option decentralised application

EtherCall, 2018 roadmap:

EtherCall, 2018

  • December 2018 - hard development

  • September 2018 - start MVP at testnet try MVP now!

  • October 2018 - promote and test MVP

  • Q1 2019 - start at main net


key feature:

  • decentralised application (DAPP) in ethereum blockchain

  • totally transparent - all transactions are in ethereum blockchain

  • price data from own Oraclize service running on ethereum smart contract

  • make bets with GTA tokens

  • bet auction against real players

  • totally anonimouse

  • not blocked withdrawals

EtherCall, 2018

How works:

  • User connects to smart contract (DAPP)

  • sends tokens to the DAPP (to make bet and pay DAPP fee)

  • allow user make betting (CALL - price ending higher or PUT - price ending lower than the begining of the price bar)

  • after price bar closes - smart contract automatically award winners, sharing bets of losers


EtherCall, 2018

Totally fair awarding:

  • Awards consist only of opposite bets.

  • Winner get share by it's bet value.

  • makes minimum opposite bet - to avoid user wins with no opposite bets

EtherCall, 2018